Practicing practice

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Consistently, consistency is one of the most difficult things for me to put into practice. Getting started on habits, and new things, then keeping it is always challenging.

It's not for lack of will; I'm learning it's an act of self preservation and better understanding of life priorities.

This blog, the thoughts and record, are critical to get into the practice of writing regularly. I want to produce words that others can find, thoughts that spark thoughts in others, learnings from my own perspective on the world.

It's "just" a blog. permalink

I'm in the midst of resting and recovering from, what I now know, is a major autistic burnout. I've been out of the office from work since mid-October 2020, focusing on myself and my needs.

It's really been providing the perspective I need to have stronger, clearer priorities to do what I want to create, do, and work towards in my life.

If others don't see it, does it exist? permalink

At the same time of creating a more regular cadence and rhythm of writing on this website...not posting on here doesn't mean I'm not actively practicing the practice, either.

I'm growing in the courage to share my words, my thoughts, writing them for others to do with what they choose. It's not through this Medium, alone.

I'm growing in my regularity of tweeting, interacting with others in online communities. I'm understanding the energy capacity it takes to interact with sections of the internet, as well as creating this thing itself.

Even then, there are myriads of other essays, projects, etc. that are advancing. They're in process, but are making outward progress. Just not here.

Managing expectations permalink

All that said, I have my goal. One day at a time. I can be successful for 5 days in a row, then break the cycle. I can't hold myself to a consistent way of doing things for consistency's sake. There are myriads of why's that can get in the way, and priorities shift, change, adapt, evolve along the journeys.

And that's okay.

Consistency is relative permalink

I'm consistent in my values, in my orientation to getting things done, in my expectations for my work. It may not be consistent on a timeline or production perspective, but from a "me" perspective.

I'm practicing the practice of consistent creation with more of me, by me. permalink